• The Creative Give Back 2020 

    The Creative Give Back is Creative Economic Development Consulting’s way to give back to the field of economic development.  Accepting applications January 2nd, 2020.

  • Women’s Economic Development Network 

    The 2020 Women’s Economic Development Network Forum, will be held on February 26 & 27, 2020 in Concord, NC. We are inviting economic developers to come together to LEARN, and then return to the office and LEAD.

  • Creative Back Office Suite of Services 

    A back office for economic developers. We can take care of those pesky tasks – by the hour, as-needed, no retainer required – and let you get on with your “real” work.

  • Strategic Planning 

    How do you know where your EDO is going without a road map? Creative EDC creates road maps, avoiding dead ends and potholes. Our approach to strategic planning is asset-based and implementation-focused.

  • Creative Site Assessment 

    An innovative, online assessment tool that independently evaluates sites. Don’t waste resources on a site someone thinks is good–use Creative Site Assessment and know for sure. It is the first online site assessment tool in the U. S.

  • Certified Industrial Buildings 

    Creative EDC and ECS, Ltd., launched the Certified Industrial Buildings Program in 2015. Certification attests to the building’s structure, features, environmental condition, and marketability. Like a certified site, a certified building provides your clients with the information they need to make a location decision.

  • Certified Entrepreneurial Community® 

    The Certified Entrepreneurial Community® (CEC®) program is an economic development strategy that helps communities become entrepreneur-ready. A Certified Entrepreneurial Community® signifies this is a place where entrepreneurs succeed – every door leads to opportunity.

Check out our new Back Office Suite of Services for Economic Developers - CBOSS

We are a firm that likes to color outside the lines - addressing the challenges communities face with creative solutions. We believe that the challenges most communities face in economic development are the same, what sets us apart is our approach to helping you overcome those challenges.


Creative EDC was launched in 2012 by Crystal Morphis, CEcD. With over 20 years of economic development experience, including leading a county EDO and ten years as a managing partner in a consulting practice, she decided to start a firm that provides innovative consulting approaches with a commitment to give back (see The Creative Philosophy). The firm has grown to include experienced researchers, tech talent, strategic thinkers, and a wide range of strategic partners.


From our creative team come creative solutions for you.

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