Economic Impact Analysis

Will your next big project produce a good ROI? We can help you find out. Too often EDOs and local officials spend public dollars without first analyzing whether a project really is a good deal. Creative EDC has completed impact studies using nationally recognized analysis tools to help predict ROI. We even go beyond these standard tools and tailor the analysis for each individual project.

Analysis Includes:

  • Define the economic impact of your project and explain the benefits.
  • Economic impact analysis of projects for corporate clients to support a request of public support.
  • Analyzing the Return of Incentive Investments – help local officials understand the return on investment of an incentive package.
  • Modeling the downsizing or closure of a facility.
  • Modeling the return for public investments in business parks, spec buildings, and other development projects.
  • IMPLAN impact analysis for North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.  Call us to inquire about projects in other states.

Creative Economic Development Consulting