Strategic Planning

Creative EDC facilitates strategic road maps, avoiding dead ends and potholes. How do you know where your EDO is going without a road map?

Our approach, whether engaged in-person or virtually, is asset-based using a thorough SWOT Analysis that is both qualitative and quantitative. We gain stakeholder and community input using a range of virtual engagement technologies. We meet you and your community where you are in these times and deliver action steps that are realistic and ready for implementation.

Engaging You Where You Are.  In-Peron and Virtually. Using a Wide Range of Virtual Engagement Technologies.

  • Strategic Economic Development Plans – Vision, Goals, Strategies, and most important, Action Steps.
  • Action Planning – Focused short and mid-term plans for EDO’s
  • Competitive Analysis – How does your community compare to competitors in product, workforce, incentives, and business climate?
  • Site Selector Review – Creative EDC performs reviews of communities through the lens of a site selector.
  • Retreat Facilitation – Board retreats, planning sessions, local government workshops.
  • Target Industry & Supply Chain Analysis – Through our strategic partner, Applied Marketing, we can include a target industry analysis and supply chain map with the strategic plan. Make sure your recruitment program is focused on the right sectors and support relationships with existing businesses.
  • Strategic planning experience with small towns, counties, metro areas, regions, and utilities.

Creative Economic Development Consulting