Product Development

We believe product development is one of an EDO’s most important challenges, just behind talent development. Our creative approach includes a first-in-the-nation online site assessment tool and Certified Industrial Buildings Program.

In addition to our proprietary programs, Creative EDC regularly consults on a wide range of product development projects.

  • Site Identification – Identifying, prioritizing, and creating a development plan for the best sites in a community.
  • Site Certification – Our team has led the certification of over 7,000 acres and manages the statewide certification program for Electricities of N.C., Inc.
  • Business Park & Site Development – Market analysis for proposed new park and site developments, including potential economic impact and ROI.
  • Redevelopment Studies – Positioning former industrial sites for new uses.
  • Market Assessment – Sites, buildings, parks, and other proposed development projects. – An innovative online assessment tool that independently rates potential sites for economic developers. It is the first of its kind in the United States. Don’t waste resources on a site someone thinks is good enough–use Creative Site Assessment and know for sure.
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  • Creative Site Assessment uses our proprietary matrix evaluation system that we also use for onsite assessments and site selection analysis.
  • Answer approximately 30 questions about a site and Creative Site Assessment rates the site and gives it a score. Use scores to prioritize sites in your community.
  • The deliverable is a one-page report containing the site score, category scores, site image and description you upload, and a summary of the program. Click here for a sample report.

Certified Industrial Building Program – Creative EDC and ECS Southeast, Ltd., formed a joint venture to launch the first Certified Industrial Buildings program in 2015. The program assesses the condition and documents features of industrial buildings. Certification attests to the building’s structure, features, condition, environment, and marketability. The deliverable of the certification program is a report containing:

  • General Building Overview
  • Executive Summary
  • Property Condition Assessment
  • Environmental Site Assessment
  • Title Search
  • Site Selector Review
  • Market Profile

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