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When we first blogged about podcasts in 2016, the Pew Research Center had documented explosive growth in both the number of podcasts available and the number of downloads each year. This trend has not slowed down. You can check out some stats from PodcastInsights here: including that 44% of the U.S. population has listened to a podcast. Wow!

Of course, economic developers, with their car-time and travel schedules are prime consumers of this 21st century media. We perused the web to round up some top podcasts for you – itemized below. If you are curious about what your neighbors are listening to – check out this map of the most popular podcast in every state.  Disclosure: Crystal Morphis listened to ‘Stuff You Should Know’ (the top podcast in NC), a few times, got bored, and tuned back into other shows, but we will give it a try again!

What new podcasts are you listening to? What are your favorite genres? Go over to our Facebook page  to share your favorites and we may feature them in an upcoming blog.

Selected Podcasts of Interest to Economic Developers

Economic Development Practices

Economics & Business


Economic Development Policy

General Interest

Podcasts we featured in 2016 that we’re still listening to:

EconTalk, Library of Economics & Liberty

Municipal Equation, National League of Cities

TedTalks – Business, TED

Attribution to podcastinsights.com for this graphic.

2018 Podcast Statistics

2020 Podcast Stats & Facts (New Research From Apr 2020)

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