A Best Practice Partnership

Wingate University & Henderson County

Economic development, even though highly competitive, embraces partnership. We form partnerships with ally organizations. We facilitate new partnerships between business and government. We leverage regional and state partners. In spite of its occasional frustrations, partnering can lead to creative solutions that can be more impactful than solo projects.

Henderson County is developing a unique and best practice partnership. Wingate University is growing its health care related degree programs and is searching for an expansion location. A new facility will house not only expanded Wingate University programs, but a new partnership with Blue Ridge Community College’s allied health sciences and Pardee Hospital. With this project, a Henderson County child can be educated from kindergarten through a doctorate degree without leaving their home community – transformational!

In order to support the university, community college, and hospital, the City of Hendersonville and Henderson County propose to form a new partnership. The City will purchase property upon which Henderson County will construct a building for Wingate and BRCC. The development project will be in close proximity to Pardee Hospital’s main campus – reconfirming a commitment to downtown.

The partnership will not only serve to meet the needs of individual partners, it has the potential to transform the landscape of Hendersonville and Henderson County. The university and BRCC need to expand educational opportunities to serve the community and meet the needs of business. Pardee Hospital needs a steady stream of qualified talent. The City and County need to support community and economic development leading to more educational and economic opportunities for citizens and business. Win-win-win.

Creative EDC supported the project by completing a Henderson County Return on Investment Analysis.  The investment by the City and County was weighed against the resulting project impact. We assert that the intangible project benefits will outweigh significant and quantifiable tangible benefits. Like most economic development projects, the real value is in what the project does to transform a local economy long term versus immediate jobs, payroll, and taxable investment.

Find more information on this unique project by visiting the links below, or talk to Andrew Tate, Henderson County Partnership for Economic Development President & CEO.

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