What’s In Your Inbox?

What's In Your Inbox?

We have heard of people who strive for ‘Zero Inbox’, that mythical status where all emails are filed, replied to, sorted and resolved. It reminds us of Neverland, more than a goal – since we tend to share our email address(es) with all sorts of trade associations, think tanks and clients, not to mention retail outlets and business partners. While email is certainly the most convenient way to register and stay in touch with clients, allies, and partners, over time the subscriptions, newsletters, news updates and offers can really build up.

In an effort to extend the value of our bursting Inbox, we are sharing some worthy newsletters and updates that you might peruse while killing time in a lobby or while eating lunch at your desk (we know you do that, too!) as well as a few tips for focusing your subscriptions on the most relevant sources.

If you have changed jobs recently – congratulations! You likely received a new email address and wiped the slate clean with regards to Inbox overload. If you are in a position to add to your email subscriptions please take a look at the offerings from the Federal Reserve Banks. The Fed shares updates on regional and state-wide economies and business, finance, and development studies.

As economic development professionals, our trade magazines provide terrific round ups of recent announcements, changes in government policies, and economic background. Site Selection Magazine and Area Development each have newsletters that provide comprehensive and relevant content.

Newsletters from trade magazines are a great way to learn about a new sector or keep up with changing trends. Check out offerings in your target sectors to stay current with important industries. Daily and weekly newspapers’ newsletters can be a short cut for staying abreast of business and economic news.

Also, subscribe to the newsletters of organizations that influence your work like grant agencies, think tanks, universities, and regional and state economic development agencies. Consulting, marketing, fundraising, engineering, and other professional firms with whom you collaborate are also good sources of information. Even if you are not a member, sometimes you can subscribe to newsletters from professional organizations in related fields – strategic planning, management, finance, etc.

Before you start adding to your subscriptions, take a look at the email you are receiving regularly. Your interests and needs are changing and maybe there are one or two or three you can hit the ‘unsubscribe’ button. This is a strategy I’m using right now. Instead of hitting delete every month, I’m unsubscribing to email lists that no longer are important to my work.

Newsletters we suggest:
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
Area Development Magazine
Site Selection Magazine
Appalachian Regional Commission
U.S. Economic Development Administration

What do you most look forward to reading in your Inbox? Tell us here.


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