Billye Carter

Technology and Marketing Specialist

“Guardian of the Brand”

Billye Carter, Technology & Marketing Specialist, is guardian of our brand. She leads all things marketing and technology for Creative EDC, including our social media services. She fiercely protects the firm’s brand, which she has helped develop over her six years with the firm.

Billye leads Creative EDC’s marketing, e-marketing, social media, database management, all outreach, and technology. She ensures that our final deliverables visually convey the goals and results of the project. She also makes sure that the presentations we give are memorable. She is the graphic genius behind our blogs. Billye manages all of Creative EDC’s technology, including our websites:,,,, and Billye was key in the development of Creative Site Assessment, the first online site assessment tool in the country. Beyond her marketing and technology expertise, Billye is best known by the women in economic development for organizing the annual Women’s Economic Development Network Learn and Lean Forum.

Billye Carter began her career as Administrative Assistant at Lowe’s Corporate Offices in Wilkesboro, NC. Over a period of 13 years with Lowe’s, Billye was promoted several times and finished her career there as a Senoir Business Analyst. She continually learned and applied new aspects of Lowe’s business model, including Product Content Management and Data Synchronization for Item Creation & Maintenance.

Education Background:

  • Wilkes Community College, AAS in Accounting
  • Certification in the Principles of Project Management from UNC Charlotte
  • Certification in Social Media Management & Internet Marketing
  • UNC School of Government Basic Economic Development Course

More about Billye:

  1. What is your favorite place to travel? – Anyplace that is warm and has water.
  2. When you were in kindergarten, what did you want to grow up to be? – A teacher.
  3. Name three things in your refrigerator right now. – Milk, sweet tea, and grilled chicken breast.
  4. What was the first concert you went to? – Garth Broooks and Trisha Yearwoood.
  5. What excites you about your work? – The people and my work is constantly changing…..learning something new all the time!!

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