Certified Industrial Buildings


Creative EDC and ECS, Ltd., formed a joint venture to launch the first Certified Industrial Buildings program.

Program Overview

The Certified Industrial Building Program documents the features and assesses the condition of industrial buildings. Based on years of experience evaluating industrial buildings, the team of ECS and Creative EDC designed the program to provide a market advantage. Certified buildings meet a minimum standard of requirements and complete a series of due diligence assessments. Certification attests to the building’s structure, features, condition, environment, and marketability.  We bundle key facility assessments into a user friendly report that provides information companies and site selectors need to make a location decision.

Certification Process

The certification process is thorough but quick. The process begins with a free pre-qualification review to determine if the building meets a basic set of requirements – size, ceiling height, utilities, access, and other features. If the building meets all pre-qualification requirements, it is accepted into the program for certification. Economic developers, owners, or building representatives complete a form with contact, transportation, utility, and building data. Assessments of facility condition, environmental, title search, and the area market are completed by the consulting team.


The Certified Industrial Building Program has a standard set of deliverables that can be used to market the property. The report contains a summary to quickly review the key building features and assessments.

The deliverable of the certification program is a report containing:

  • General Building Overview

  • Executive Summary

  • Property Condition Assessment

  • Environmental Site Assessment

  • Title Search

  • Site Selector Review

  • Market Profile

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