The Creative Give Back 2021 Questions and Asnwers

Question: I’ve been reviewing the Creative Give Back process, and I was wondering if helping our COG develop our new CEDS could be a fit? 

Answer: A regular strategic plan is not typically unique. To make the application competitive you would need to include how this project could bring innovation to the region, serve as a model for other regions, address a difficult challenge, cite unique challenges in the region that you hope to address in the plan, etc. So, the process doesn’t have to be creative, but what you hope to get out of it should be.

Question: Under implementation, would you please explain what you mean by capacity for implementation?

Answer: Is there a commitment from the applying group to implement the results of the project? It could be funding a program that was developed, capacity to apply for grants for implementation, and/or devoting staff resources to carry out the project.

Question: Is there a specific length required for the project overview?

Answer: No. Just a paragraph or two usually covers it.

Question: Can regional council of governments apply on behalf of multiple counties? We are considered a government entity, but just wanted to ensure before pursuing the submittal of an application.

Answer: Yes, a COG can apply on behalf of counties.

Question: Will you consider supporting a talent recruitment strategy? We are receiving a grant that will support some parts of the talent recruitment strategy but need help with the first steps of analyzing workforce gaps.

Answer: Yes, we can support a workforce gaps analysis as a foundational piece to a talent attraction campaign.

Question: To whom do we address the cover letter?

Answer: Address it to Crystal Morphis, Founder and CEO, Creative Economic Development Consulting, PO Box 706, Elkin, NC  28621. 

The Creative Give Back 2019 Questions and Answers

May we submit more than one application?

May we edit a submitted form?
Yes, until the deadline.

Is an application for strategic planning an appropriate request?
Yes, but be out-of-the-box in how you approach it.

Would a law enforcement recruitment project be acceptable?
Creative EDC does not have specific public safety expertise, so we would not tackle law enforcement related projects.

Would you consider a communications strategy for a workforce training center?

The Creative Give Back 2017 Questions and Answers

Would Creative EDC consider a proposal to determine the highest and best use of a historic building?

The Creative Give Back 2016 Questions and Answers

Will a project that includes an impact analysis, best practices analysis, or site selection analysis be eligible?
Yes, this type of scope could be covered in the Creative Give Back.

The Creative Give Back 2015 Questions and Answers

Our town has an identified corridor about 2 miles long that we wish to incentivize development in.  We need help determining the best types of uses to target or market to and identifying the types of investments or incentives the town could use to best encourage the desired users to make larger investments.  Is this the type of project that is suited to your give back application process?
Yes, this type of scope could be covered in the Creative Give Back.

Is working with the local community college on a workforce challenge allowed or possible with the consulting project submission? If $25,000 in fees is the financial gift, are there a specific number of hours for this consulting project that equates to?
We would welcome a workforce development project.  As to hours, we develop a scope not to exceed $25,000 of services.  If it is expected to go over, we will discuss that with the winning proposal.

Let me know if you think something like this fits — One of this community’s pressing hopes is to lower the median age of our community.  We feel we must get younger in order to maximize the benefit of a restructured downtown and for the economy as a whole.  To do that, have looked at getting knee deep in entrepreneurial/start up initiatives.  So — how does something like this fit your model?
Yes, the idea is on track with the kinds of proposal we will consider.  Our team has expertise with strategy development as well as entrepreneurship programs.

The Creative Give Back 2014 Questions and Answers

My question is in regards to section “G” in the application – organizational support and letters from said organizations.
We have organizational support for our project proposal, but there is also a mention of community support in this section.  We really want to be able to show you all the community support we have for our project and are wondering what is the best way to do this?
We can get letters from supporting organizations, but if we are showing support of community members who are not affiliated or tied to an organization, how do we include and account for their support? Would it be okay with you and your team, if we demonstrated community support through some form of petition in which individuals sign to express their support and their commitment to our project’s implementation?
Community organizations may submit a letter of support or you can list organizations that have taken formal action to endorse the application. Individuals not associated with an organization may be submitted in a list format. A petition or statement of endorsement with a list of individuals will be fine.

We have two projects we are looking at…don’t recall the rules and regs of this process, but can we submit more than one application?
Yes, you may submit more than one project, but each project must have its own application.

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