Paying It Forward

Toms shoe company founder Blake Mycoskie said, “Start something that matters.” We believe it. We started this company to impact more than a bottom line – we started it to impact communities and our profession. We have a commitment to pay our success forward. We pay it forward by giving our time, money, and talent to communities and economic developers.


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In 2014, we decided to give away one consulting project a year through a competitive proposal process. Up to $25,000 worth of our services. Crazy, right? Some told us so. We did it and loved it. Winners have included the four town Alliance of South Charlotte Communities, Cabarrus County, Wayne County Development Alliance and the City of Graham. Projects have ranged from raising awareness of nontraditional career pathways for girls and women to strategies to promote the hiring of military spouses to downtown revitalization. We are currently working with Blacksburg to revamp the YP Network. We look forward to continuing The Creative Give Back. Send us your bright ideas.


Mentort Network Screen shotWe would not be working at the level we are today without the support of mentors along the way. They opened doors, guided us through minefields, and provided much needed on-the-job training. As our profession ages, along with the rest of America’s baby boomers, we saw a need for a way to match newbies with gurus. In 2015 we launched the, a free website service to match mentors and mentees.



Creative EDC sponsored the first Women’s Leadership Forum in February 2016. We invited economic developers to come together to LEARN and return to the office prepared to LEAD. The program supports leadership development, career development, professional networking, and leading-edge topics in economic development. 2019 is our fourth year sponsoring the forum. Here are a few things participants had to say about their experience: Read more


The Creative Resource Library offers free research for economic developers.  Check back often for white papers, free research, and how to-‘s.