Ever wish you had a back office to tackle your to-do list?

Creative EDC has a Back Office Suite of Services for EDOs that allows you to stay focused on the important tasks each day. We developed the back office to support research requests, surveys, reporting, content development, and other short-term projects. Maybe you’ve thought about hiring a part-timer/freelancer but hesitated because you would have to spend more time training/explaining than it would take you to do the task. That’s the beauty with our back office, we’re already up to speed. Here are a few ways EDOs have used our back office recently.

  • North Carolina’s Southeast and Fayetteville Cumberland County EDC, NC, recently used our back office to complete targeted salary surveys to aid in budget planning and staff reviews. We gathered information from a small group of comparable organizations and maintained confidentiality by sharing the data in averages. We shared the results with participants so they could use the information for their own budget planning.  
  • Person County, NC used our back office to develop competitive position content for their target sectors. Creative EDC provided content on product, workforce, education, existing businesses, transportation, and utilities for each target sector. The information will be used on Person County’s website and in marketing materials.
  • Berkeley County, SC used our team to recommend changes to their incentive policy to align with the county’s economic development goals. Then, we created a way to track incentive agreements and the future fiscal impact of incentive grants.
  • Ashe County Economic Development, NC is developing a new business park. They used our back office to research the sales price of comparable business parks and best practices in park covenants.
  • We are currently helping High Point EDC, NC, while they are short-staffed. We have supported a grant application, press releases, and social media content.

What all of our back office projects have in common is that the EDO needed to get something done quickly and didn’t have the time to do it.  Like many of you, we are confronted with new opportunities each day which take us away from our originally intended To-Do list. Some days we wish we had someone to do the routine and repetitive tasks so we can focus on big ideas. That’s where the back office comes in.

Check out our Creative Back Office Suite of Services (CBOSS). Back office services are performed as-needed, by the hour. No retainer.

Send us an email about your back-office project challenge, and we’ll tell you how we can help.

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