COVID-19 Support

We want to help during this time and are doing so in the best way we know how – supporting local economic development organizations. Through the end of May, Creative EDC will provide free COVID-19 BRE surveys for up to 10 EDOs each week and offer reduced rates for back office services.

 Here’s what is included in the free BRE COVID-19 survey:

  • Business survey with 10 standard questions
  • Up to 5 community-specific questions added
  • Survey tailored with the EDO logo and contacts
  • Content and link for you to send in an eblast
  • Summary results delivered in PDF
  • Full results delivered in Excel

Requests will be placed in the order received – email [email protected]. The first 10 requests will be fulfilled in week one, the second 10 requests in week two, etc.

Here’s how the reduced rates for back office services work:

  • Reduced rate services provided to EDOs that have diminished organizational capacity due to staff being out, getting pulled onto other county/city projects, and other COVID-19 related reasons organizational capacity has diminished
  • Hourly rates for back office services will be reduced by one-third through the end of May
  • See the CBOSS (Creative Back Office Suite of Services) brochure for things we can do to help. Examples: content development, research, surveys, report writing, presentation development

Rate reduction only applies to back office services because the goal is to help EDOs with diminished staff capacity during this time.

Requests will be placed in order received – email [email protected].

If you have a need not covered by one of our COVID-19 support initiatives, give us a call. We are the “go-to” economic development consulting firm.

We are here to help.

Creative EDC COVID-19 Company Policy

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