COVID-19 Policy

Company Related Travel & Meetings Policy

Creative EDC will follow the most restrictive local and state ordinances and guidelines either of the place we are working or North Carolina. 

In North Carolina’s Phase 3 reopening :

  • Consider whether travel is necessary.
  • Limit nonessential travel.
  • Use videoconference or teleconferences for meetings.
  • When videoconferencing or teleconferencing is not possible, hold/attend meetings with fewer than 50 people in open, well-ventilated spaces that allow for at least six feet of distance between participants. Schedule in-person meetings with as few participants as possible.
  • All participants and employees are required to wear face coverings in meetings, even when distanced six feet or more. Face coverings will be provided if needed.
  • Cancel or postpone work-related meetings or gatherings that do not meet the 50-person standard.
  • Face masks/coverings are required in public and private spaces.

Click here for more information on how our firm pivoted to provide our full range of services in the virtual environment.

Creative EDC COVID-19 Company Policy

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