Town of Leland Strategic Plan

The Town of Leland is a growing and thriving community in southeastern North Carolina, adjacent to Wilmington. The Town of Leland engaged Creative EDC to create an economic development strategic plan with a vision to promote business expansion and economic diversification within the town. Through the planning process, Leland identified four priorities for economic development, including business development, increased marketing, placemaking, and strengthening the Economic and Community Development Department.

The strategic planning process involved input from around 900 citizens through surveys, interviews, and focus groups. The process included economic and demographic research as well as an analysis of the town’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The assessments highlighted assets such as strategic location, fast-growing population, proximity to the Wilmington metro, and a low cost of living.

Key aspects of the strategy include investment in development areas, long-range planning to manage growth effectively, infrastructure investments to support development and placemaking, and the support of small businesses. Leland aims to attract businesses that offer professional, high-paying jobs, contributing to the prosperity of the community. By implementing these strategies, Leland is committed to nurturing its economic growth while maintaining small town qualities.

Creative Economic Development Consulting