Board Retreat Facilitation

Creative EDC has facilitated board planning retreats for Greenville Area Development Corporation, Economic Development Authority of Amherst County, Dorchester County Economic Development, Downtown Durham, Greater Richmond Partnership and many others. In one example, the focus of the Greenville Area Development Corporation  2020 Board of Directors planning retreat was to gain consensus on program of work priorities for the coming year and revisit organizational goals. Some priorities were product development, business attraction and marketing, organizational development, business retention and expansion, and more.  

The purpose of a retreat is typically to revisit the strategic plan, make course corrections if needed, and identify priorities for the coming year. Retreat agendas often include an overview of emerging trends in economic development, a status update on strategic plan action steps, discussion of changes since the plan was completed, breakout group discussion of updates, and priorities for the coming year. The end result is an update to the strategic plan and staff program of work. 


Creative Economic Development Consulting

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