Hugh Chatham Health Care Strategic Plan

Hugh Chatham is a leading rural hospital and healthcare system in North Carolina. Creative EDC facilitated a strategic plan that reinforced the organization’s vision, mission, values, and pillars. On that foundation, the planning process identified six strategic priorities: talent, reliability, technology, sustainability, brand, and expanding market share.  

Nationally, healthcare is facing many challenges. The pandemic put an enormous pressure on the healthcare system, especially small, rural hospitals like Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital. In North Carolina, there are specific challenges due to the lack of Medicaid expansion and imminent changes in the state health insurance plan. Locally, Hugh Chatham operates in a market area with flat population growth, a growing elderly population, and overall, less spending on health care. In spite of these and many other challenges, Hugh Chatham remains a stellar community hospital and healthcare system delivering quality, safe care.  

The strategic plan identified future opportunities to expand services, expand the market, and invest in technologies. Hugh Chatham is in the first year of implementation, focusing on investing in employees/providers, technology, and refreshing its brand.   

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