Economic Impact and Return on Investment

Creative EDC uses IMPLAN, and own analysis of impacts not estimated by IMPLAN, to estimate the impact of a wide range of projects. We have completed several economic impact analyses for ElectriCities of N.C., Inc., North Carolina’s Southeast Partnership, local EDOs, and corporate clients. Over the last year, we have completed economic impact studies of mixed-use developments, manufacturers, retail, office, and a whole downtown district. Please see our blog about the importance of economic impact studies and our brochure for more details. These studies are often used by local governments to determine if the project warrants public investment. In addition to economic impact studies using IMPLAN, we also complete in-depth research and analysis for potential projects. One example is a proposed tourism train excursion from Conway, SC to Tabor City, NC. The analysis estimated impact of train riders, new tourism train excursions, train depot development, and potential downtown development projects that could result from the tourism project. Tabor City will use the economic impact analysis to seek grant support of the project and attract private sector investment.

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Creative Economic Development Consulting

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