Creative EDC Officially Certified Holy Springs, NC and Amherst County, VA as Entrepreneur-Ready in 2017

Creative EDC officially certified Holy Springs, NC and Amherst County, VA as entrepreneur-ready in 2017. In the CEC® program, communities identify two entrepreneurship initiatives that will engage and support entrepreneurs. In order to be certified, the community must accomplish tasks outlined on a Score Card for each initiative. Both communities have a vision to create a community culture that attracts and supports people starting and growing businesses. The two initiatives Holly Springs launched are: 1) help local business people find and leverage the business resources that serve Holly Springs; and 2) develop events and physical planning to make downtown Holly Springs a great place to live, work and play. Amherst County’s two projects were: 1) build an inclusive entrepreneur network in Amherst County; and 2) coordinate promotion of business resources. Both communities will continue their work in entrepreneurship to remain a Certified Entrepreneurial Community®.

Creative Economic Development Consulting