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One of our New Year goals for 2019 is to be more strategic in how we spend our time. The books Essentialism by Greg McKeown and When by Daniel Pink influenced us. Like many of you, we are confronted with new opportunities each day which take us away from our originally-intended To Do list. Some days we wish we had someone to do the routine and repetitive tasks so we can focus on big ideas. That’s why we launched the Creative Back Office Suite of Services – CBOSS. If you have considered outsourcing tasks so you can focus on core areas of expertise, check out our back office for economic developers.

In 2018, several EDOs used our back office service for quick-turnaround projects. North Carolina’s Southeast asked us to complete a targeted salary survey to aid in budget planning. Cleveland County wanted to know the average budget reserve in similar nonprofit EDOs. We assisted Sampson County with research for RFIs several times in 2018. We are currently working on a compensation and benefits survey for a regional EDO. They want to make sure they keep their quality talent on staff. We develop content for digital marketing, or for communications to keep your stakeholders informed. We support media relations, social media planning and posts, and can design reports and update profiles.

We developed the back office to support research requests, surveys, reporting, content development, and other short-term projects. Maybe you’ve thought about hiring a part-timer/freelancer but hesitated because you would have to spend more time training/explaining than it would take you to do the task. That’s the beauty with our back office, we’re already up to speed.

Tell us about your back-office project challenge and let us tell you how we can get you off to a quick start in 2019, click the button below.

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