Economic Impact and Return on Investment

Creative EDC uses IMPLAN to estimate the economic impact of a wide range of projects. We have completed several economic impact analyses for ElectriCities of N.C., Inc., North Carolina’s Southeast Partnership, and corporate clients. Over the last year, we have completed economic impact studies of manufacturers, breweries, retail, and a whole downtown district. Please see our blog about the importance of economic impact studies. These studies are often used by local governments to determine if the project warrants public investment.

In addition to using IMPLAN, we also have completed more in-depth analysis on projects. One example is a new college campus in Hendersonville, NC. In order to support a new partnership between Wingate University, Blue Ridge Community College, and Pardee Hospital, the City of Hendersonville and Henderson County purchased property and constructed a new building. The facility is a health sciences center to house Pardee Hospital’s Cancer Center, Blue Ridge Community College’s health education programs, and Wingate University’s campus including pharmacy and PA programs. Creative EDC completed a return on investment and economic impact study that supported the public investment. We assert that the intangible project benefits of the partnership will outweigh significant and quantifiable tangible benefits.